Wolf Betrayed Image

Wolf’s Heart
Shifters of the Great Wolf Book 4

Three years after his wife’s death, he meets the man destined to be his fated mate.

Three years ago, Tarinn’s mate sacrificed her life to save their pack. Now, Tarinn raises his daughter as a single father and would risk his life to keep her safe and protect the pack. When a series of grisly murders threatens Great Wolf Valley, his alpha tasks him with finding the killer at any cost. Tarinn presses forward despite being forced to partner with the lethal Department of Paranormal Safety—a department known to make shifters like him… disappear.

Soon after Cutler came out as a child, his parents divorced, but the separation did nothing to abate the continuing animosity between his father and mother. At eighteen, Cutler escaped the domestic conflict by joining the Department of Paranormal Safety, where he discovered a new vocation, safe from familial strife. Now, as their best agent, he will do anything to preserve the career that rescued him from the trauma of his childhood.

As Tarinn and Cutler’s ambitions collide, so do their passions. They agree to work side by side to locate the killer but find they are entirely unprepared for the dangers exposed by the truth behind the slaughters. Giving in to their love can lead to their survival, but their fears and ambitions won’t allow them to yield so easily, sending them careening down a tragic road that will end in their destruction.

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