Shifters of the Great Wolf Series

Wolf Hunted Title

Shifters of the Great Wolf Book 1

His enemy is also his fated mate.

Aidan Millstone is the sheltered son of a billionaire and firmly under the thumb of his powerful father. Aidan has never found love before, so the compelling attraction he feels toward the shifter he encounters while out hunting is a new experience.

As the two men learn the truth of their ancestor’s intertwined histories, events around them escalate into open war between family and pack.

Aidan is new to the worlds of love and wolf shifter packs, and he quickly learns navigating them while resisting the power of his father is nearly impossible.

Sirus is left to wonder if he can trust his fated mate when Aidan is forced to hunt Sirus by Aidan’s overbearing father.

How can love survive when fated mates find themselves on a path to war?

Shifters of the Great Wolf Book 2

War turns his fated mate into his enemy.

Cade is a wolf shifter more concerned with winning a war than with falling in love. When he joins a raid, hoping to recover enough loot to fund their crusade against their human enemy, he never expects to meet his fated mate.

However, life is never easy. The most handsome man he’s ever met outwits his plans and seizes a valuable gem, dashing his hopes of achieving victory.

Pierce is a fox shifter with dreams of reuniting with the family he ran away from at sixteen. A successful raid offers an answer to his prayers even as it introduces him to a striking and dangerous shifter who complicates his life.

As the two men uncover the truth behind the magical gem, factions wage war to possess it, risking the destruction of their loves and dreams.

Cade’s growing love for Pierce is tested as he realizes the only way to win the war is to betray his fated mate and take the gem for himself.

Pierce has no hope of finding his family without the ruby, but withholding the gem from Cade threatens to destroy his chance at happily ever after.

Can their love survive when the price of passion is the destruction of their dreams?

Wolf Rejected Title

Shifters of the Great Wolf Book 3

The man he is destined to love doesn’t believe in fated mates.

Grayson is a wolf shifter who spent the last decade in an institution and never had the opportunity to live life or fall in love. When Grayson recovers his sanity, he hopes he’ll finally have a chance to enjoy life.

However, the weretiger posing as a doctor and waiting for him when he awakens literally threatens to change the course of Grayson’s life.

Micah is a once world-famous actor turned weretiger and happily single because he knows he is too evil to be loved. His alpha orders him to break a wolf shifter out of a hospital, but the irresistible attraction Micah feels toward Grayson takes him by surprise, complicating what should be a simple kidnapping.

As the two men learn the real motivation behind Micah’s abduction of Grayson, events grow dangerously out of control, culminating in the release of an immortal demon that could threaten the world.

Grayson has never fallen in love but knows at the very core of his being Micah is his fated mate and won’t let anything keep them apart. Not even Micah’s rejection.

Micah has done evil things in his life and made all the wrong choices for himself. He refuses to allow his attraction to Grayson grow despite Grayson’s sizzling smile, warm eyes, and crazy talk of fated mates. Micah knows his love will irrevocably corrupt Grayson.

How can they allow themselves to fall in love when the price is death?

Shifters of the Great Wolf Book 4

Three years after his wife’s death, he meets the man destined to be his fated mate.

Three years ago, Tarinn’s mate sacrificed her life to save their pack. Now, Tarinn raises his daughter as a single father and would risk his life to keep her safe and protect the pack. When a series of grisly murders threatens Great Wolf Valley, his alpha tasks him with finding the killer at any cost. Tarinn presses forward despite being forced to partner with the lethal Department of Paranormal Safety—a department known to make shifters like him… disappear.

Soon after Cutler came out as a child, his parents divorced, but the separation did nothing to abate the continuing animosity between his father and mother. At eighteen, Cutler escaped the domestic conflict by joining the Department of Paranormal Safety, where he discovered a new vocation, safe from familial strife. Now, as their best agent, he will do anything to preserve the career that rescued him from the trauma of his childhood.

As Tarinn and Cutler’s ambitions collide, so do their passions. They agree to work side by side to locate the killer but find they are entirely unprepared for the dangers exposed by the truth behind the slaughters. Giving in to their love can lead to their survival, but their fears and ambitions won’t allow them to yield so easily, sending them careening down a tragic road that will end in their destruction.

Shifters of the Great Wolf Book 5

He loves a man who witnessed the fall of Babylon and appears to have all the answers. Can love endure when your fated mate challenges your efforts to save the world?

Luc knows Tye is his fated mate, but he hasn’t spent time with Tye in the three months since they met. To remedy the situation, Luc volunteers to command a hunt, with Tye’s help, for a means to kill Eir’lat, their fae enemy. But Luc is no leader and fears he’s destined to fail when he’s commanded to keep the artifact they seek from his fated mate’s hands.

For centuries Tye has kept the world at a careful distance. How is it, then, a young wolf shifter can shatter his mask with a shy smile? His intellect urges caution, but Tye wants nothing more than to give in to his heart. Ignoring his better judgment, he agrees to partner with Luc in search of an artifact capable of defeating Eir’lat. Tye has endured every mistake humankind has made and will do anything to avoid them, even take control of the artifact for himself.

Hunting together, their opposing ambitions collide, generating suspicion even as they fall in love. The couple follows a trail of clues to a final confrontation, which promises to be deadly unless they can overcome their growing mutual mistrust.

Shifters of the Great Wolf Book 6

His wolf fights him for permanent control of their body. His fated mate is a vampire addicted to magical blood. If their issues don’t kill them, the creature they are hunting will.

Chase and his wolf form are no longer united. His wolf, now a monster, desires revenge against Eir, the fae responsible for their deformation. To make matters worse, his beast demands control of their body to achieve vengeance.

Remy’s shield against the world is the self-control he’s achieved over a thousand years of undeath. His growing addiction to power-filled blood threatens those defenses. The blood of his fated mate, filled with magic, may be too tempting for even an ancient vampire to resist

For a chance to balance with his beast, Chase must kill Eir himself, but he risks losing himself, and his love, in the struggle. Remy is determined to help Chase achieve his goal, but the power in Chase’s veins calls to him. To overcome their enemy, they must confront the truth of their weaknesses; to ignore them risks death.