Wolf Betrayed

Wolf Betrayed

War turns his fated mate into his enemy.

Cade is a wolf shifter more concerned with winning a war than with falling in love. When he joins a raid, hoping to recover enough loot to fund their crusade against their human enemy, he never expects to meet his fated mate.

However, life is never easy. The most handsome man he's ever met outwits his plans and seizes a valuable gem, dashing his hopes of achieving victory.

Pierce is a fox shifter with dreams of reuniting with the family he ran away from at sixteen. A successful raid offers an answer to his prayers even as it introduces him to a striking and dangerous shifter who complicates his life.

As the two men uncover the truth behind the magical gem, factions wage war to possess it, risking the destruction of their loves and dreams.

Cade's growing love for Pierce is tested as he realizes the only way to win the war is to betray his fated mate and take the gem for himself.

Pierce has no hope of finding his family without the ruby, but withholding the gem from Cade threatens to destroy his chance at happily ever after.

Can their love survive when the price of passion is the destruction of their dreams?

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About the Book

This is the third book in the Shifters of the Great Wolf paranormal romance series. This MM romance contains steamy scenes with a guaranteed happily ever after and no cliffhanger.

For maximum reading enjoyment, we recommend you read these books in order.

Book 3 completes the first trilogy in this ongoing series.

Shifters of the Great Wolf Series

Blessed Shifters Trilogy
Book 1: Wolf Hunted
Book 2: Wolf Betrayed
Book 3: Wolf Rejected

Damaged Hearts Trilogy
Book 4: Wolf’s Heart
Book 5: Wolf’s Trust
Book 6: Wolf’s Faith (Releasing Spring 2021)

Series: Shifters of the Great Wolf, Book 2
Genre: MM Paranormal Romance
ASIN: B07T8F56V4
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