Wolf Hunted

Wolf Hunted

His enemy is also his fated mate.

Love broke Sirus's heart years ago, and he vowed to keep his life free of romantic entanglements. When pack politics come to a head, Sirus leaves the Great Wolf Pack's magically concealed valley to learn about the human world.

When he meets his first human, the interaction doesn't go as expected. Sirus is physically superior, but the human hunter outmatches at every turn.

Aidan Millstone is the sheltered son of a billionaire and firmly under the thumb of his powerful father. Aidan has never found love before, so the compelling attraction he feels toward the shifter he encounters while out hunting is a new experience.

As the two men learn the truth of their ancestor's intertwined histories, events around them escalate into open war between family and pack.

Aidan is new to the worlds of love and wolf shifter packs, and he quickly learns navigating them while resisting the power of his father is nearly impossible.

Sirus is left to wonder if he can trust his fated mate when Aidan is forced to hunt Sirus by Aidan's overbearing father.

How can love survive when fated mates find themselves on a path to war?

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About the Book

This is the fourth book in the Shifters of the Great Wolf paranormal romance series. This MM romance contains steamy scenes with a guaranteed happily ever after and no cliffhanger.

For maximum reading enjoyment, we recommend you read these books in order.

Book 1 begins the first trilogy in this ongoing series.

Shifters of the Great Wolf Series

Blessed Shifters Trilogy
Book 1: Wolf Hunted
Book 2: Wolf Betrayed
Book 3: Wolf Rejected

Damaged Hearts Trilogy
Book 4: Wolf’s Heart
Book 5: Wolf’s Trust
Book 6: Wolf’s Faith (Releasing Spring 2021)

Series: Shifters of the Great Wolf, Book 1
Genre: MM Paranormal Romance
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