Wolf Rejected

Wolf Rejected

The man he is destined to love doesn't believe in fated mates.

Grayson is a wolf shifter who spent the last decade in an institution and never had the opportunity to live life or fall in love. When Grayson recovers his sanity, he hopes he'll finally have a chance to enjoy life.

However, the weretiger posing as a doctor and waiting for him when he awakens literally threatens to change the course of Grayson's life.

Micah is a once world-famous actor turned weretiger and happily single because he knows he is too evil to be loved. His alpha orders him to break a wolf shifter out of a hospital, but the irresistible attraction Micah feels toward Grayson takes him by surprise, complicating what should be a simple kidnapping.

As the two men learn the real motivation behind Micah's abduction of Grayson, events grow dangerously out of control, culminating in the release of an immortal demon that could threaten the world.

Grayson has never fallen in love but knows at the very core of his being Micah is his fated mate and won't let anything keep them apart. Not even Micah's rejection.

Micah has done evil things in his life and made all the wrong choices for himself. He refuses to allow his attraction to Grayson grow despite Grayson's sizzling smile, warm eyes, and crazy talk of fated mates. Micah knows his love will irrevocably corrupt Grayson.

How can they allow themselves to fall in love when the price is death?

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About the Book

This is the second book in the Shifters of the Great Wolf paranormal romance series. This MM romance contains steamy scenes with a guaranteed happily ever after and no cliffhanger.

For maximum reading enjoyment, we recommend you read these books in order.

Book 2 continues the first trilogy in this ongoing series.

Shifters of the Great Wolf Series

Blessed Shifters Trilogy
Book 1: Wolf Hunted
Book 2: Wolf Betrayed
Book 3: Wolf Rejected

Damaged Hearts Trilogy
Book 4: Wolf’s Heart
Book 5: Wolf’s Trust
Book 6: Wolf’s Faith (Releasing Spring 2021)

Series: Shifters of the Great Wolf, Book 3
Genre: MM Paranormal Romance
ASIN: B08262QQ43
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