Wolf’s Trust

Wolf’s Trust

He loves a man who witnessed the fall of Babylon and appears to have all the answers. Can love endure when your fated mate challenges your efforts to save the world?

Luc knows Tye is his fated mate, but he hasn't spent time with Tye in the three months since they met. To remedy the situation, Luc volunteers to command a hunt, with Tye's help, for a means to kill Eir'lat, their fae enemy. But Luc is no leader and fears he's destined to fail when he's commanded to keep the artifact they seek from his fated mate's hands.

For centuries Tye has kept the world at a careful distance. How is it, then, a young wolf shifter can shatter his mask with a shy smile? His intellect urges caution, but Tye wants nothing more than to give in to his heart. Ignoring his better judgment, he agrees to partner with Luc in search of an artifact capable of defeating Eir'lat. Tye has endured every mistake humankind has made and will do anything to avoid them, even take control of the artifact for himself.

Hunting together, their opposing ambitions collide, generating suspicion even as they fall in love. The couple follows a trail of clues to a final confrontation, which promises to be deadly unless they can overcome their growing mutual mistrust.

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About the Book

This is the fifth book in the Shifters of the Great Wolf paranormal romance series. This MM romance contains steamy scenes with a guaranteed happily ever after and no cliffhanger.

For maximum reading enjoyment, we recommend you read these books in order. Book 5 continues the second trilogy in this ongoing series.

Shifters of the Great Wolf Series

Blessed Shifters Trilogy
Book 1: Wolf Hunted
Book 2: Wolf Betrayed
Book 3: Wolf Rejected

Damaged Hearts Trilogy
Book 4: Wolf’s Heart
Book 5: Wolf’s Trust
Book 6: Wolf’s Faith (Releasing Spring 2021)

Series: Shifters of the Great Wolf
Genre: MM Paranormal Romance
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