Writing Update – July ’21

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I’m currently putting the finishing touches on a short story involving Aidan Millstone, the Main Character from Book 1 and the fated mate of Sirus. This short takes place in the past and focuses on his relationship with Daniel. I got feedback from some just how much they hated Daniel, Aidan’s love interest who showed up in Book 1. Needless to say, you were supposed to hate Daniel, but many were wondering how Aidan could have fallen for him to begin with. This story will open up a few eyes and answer a few questions (hopefully all of them).

While I work on this, I’ve also been rounding out the characters and setting for the Urban Fantasy series I’ll be working on next. The recurring MC will be female, and the story will be set in the same universe as Shifters of the Great Wolf, so don’t be surprised if you see some of the characters you’ve met already! Once I’ve finished with the Aidan short story, I’m planning to complete a short story about the new MC as a means to introduce you to her. I really think you’re going to love her. I already do and can’t wait to bring her to life! There will be some romance in this new series, but keeping with the tropes of UF, it won’t be center stage, I’ve decided it will be slow burn.

I hope you are all safe and staying cool in the summer heat.

Thank you for reading my words!


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